10 Best Fort Beds for Kids in 2020

Fort beds for kids are getting popular nowadays because kids love the cozy feeling these products give! They are also keeping your kid calm and soothed during the night. If your kid has problems sleeping during the night, you can buy these items. If you don’t have space in your house, this will better for providing your kid some privacy. Some of the big families prefer fort beds for this matter too! Let’s take a look at the best fort tents in the market.

Top Seller Fort Beds for Kids

Bed Tent Dream Tents Bed Canopy Shelter

  • You can pick three different sizes on the sales page!
  • The product is made of a hundred percent polyester, which makes the cleaning process easy!
  • There are four doors and two windows for easier access!
  • There is no metal frame in the product, which makes it great for the kids.
  • It’s one of the lightest sleeping tents in the market. It only weighs 4.3 lbs, which is pretty low!
  • The set-up process is pretty easy! Pop up frame and shock-corded poles make the whole assembling process so easy!
  • The design is a hundred percent innovative!

Pacific Play Tents 19710 Kids Rad Racer Bed Tent Playhouse

  • There are two sizes on the sales page that you can pick for your kid! The twin one has measurements of 77″ X 38″X 35″ high.
  • The graphics are perfect for little guys. It will stimulate their love for cars!
  • The bed tent makes the transition process easy! It will take your kid from crib to bed within months!
  • Mesh panels are great for ventilation. You can also check your kid during sleep, thanks to these features!
  • G-3 poles are extra strong and durable!
  • IT2s made of 190T polyester taffeta fabric.
  • The carrying bag makes the whole process easier!

Pacific Play Tents 19720 Kids Secret Castle Bed Tent Playhouse

  • The graphic design makes it perfect for little girls. The colors are pretty attractive.
  • Mesh ventilation is okay for most of the kids. However, the checking process is hard on the sides because the vents are small, in my opinion!
  • The poles are durable and strong.
  • You can get this one if you are looking for an alternative!

Pacific Play Tents 19790 Kids Tree House Bed Tent Playhouse

  • I like the design of this tent.
  • It will allow your kid to feel like a bad boy without going overboard.
  • The materials are highly durable.
  • The 190T polyester taffeta fabric makes it easier to clean.
  • The product comes with a carry bag which makes it great for travels!
  • The mesh panels could be bigger.
  • The colors are bright and shiny!

Alvantor Bed Canopy Tents

  • The design of the bed tent is perfect for any person out there.
  • It has a minimalistic and modern look.
  • There is no metal frame in it.
  • It only weighs 5.8 lbs, which is heavy compared to other products. However, the fabric quality of this one is better compared to others.
  • This might better for bigger kids because of the design
  • The assembling is pretty easy! It can be completed within a few minutes with two people!
  • The product also has three different color options, which worth checking out!

DONCO KIDS Tree House Low Loft Bed

  • The tree bed tent is made of pine wood, which provides a unique rustic finish.
  • You can combine the color with blue tones in your room to create a tropical effect.
  • It will be perfect for any kid out there.
  • Most of the kids will be impressed by the design of the bed.
  • The under bed drawers are useful for convenient storage!
  • The measurements are 39″ wide x 87″ long x 70″ high.
  • There are other color options on the sales page, which might be good for you!

Privacy Play Tent on Bed

  • There are three size options and three color options on the sales page.
  • It can use hanging lights, which is the perfect feature for curious kids. It can be used as a night time lamp, which is a great function.
  • This one is the ideal for solution for kids who are sharing their rooms!
  • It will keep the kids warm and cozy!
  • It’s decorated with string lights which help you to create a cozy atmosphere!

Kids Dream Bed Tent Twin Size

  • There are four different designs for this fort tent, and all of them are fantastic.
  • If your kid is into adventures, you should think about this fort tent because it provides that feeling for the kids!
  • The size of the tents is pretty good. However, the quality is not that great, in my opinion!
  • You can set the fort tent within a minute, which is a great option. It’s easier to set this up compared to other ones in the market.
  • If you are looking to calm down your kid during bedttime, this fort tent can work pretty well! It creates a calm environment, which creates an opportunity to read books to your kids!

NARMAY Play Tent Pirate Club Playhouse for Kids Indoor

  • I love the pirate theme designed things. It will increase the confidence of your kid within seconds!
  • The tent is high-quality with perfect materials!
  • It’s made with softer and comfortable materials which is perfect for kids!
  • The space of the tent is bigger compared to other fort beds in the market!
  • There is mesh fabric on both sides of the house, which promotes air circulation. It also creates beautiful visual effects.
  • The PVC poles system is excellent for assembling, and it’s pretty easy!
  • If you are looking for fort beds for guys, you should get this one!

Pirate Tent for Midsleeper Cabin Bunk Bed

  • Another pirate fort tent for kids.
  • It’s made of hundred percent cotton, which is the highest fabric you can find!
  • It’s suitable for both metal and wooden beds.
  • The tent comes with five separate panels, two side panels, two front panels, and a door.
  • Assembling is easy, thanks to the velcro system. You can attach it to how you want.
  • The measurements are (W)188 x (D)87 x (H)74cm

How to Pick Best Fort Bed for Kids?

Each fort bed has different functions which make the process hard for the parents. First of all, you need to know what your kid wants. Are they looking for a cozy place to spend the nights, or they just want to feel safe? This answer will determine the main object of your purchase. The design of the fort bed is also essential. Most of the kids will only care about the looks of the fort bed, and this is perfectly normal!

Material Type and Quality

There are different materials used for fort beds for kids. You can find polyester ones, which are the cheapest option you can get. They are perfectly fine because the price is low. You can also ventilate them with ease since their structure allows that. Polyester models are also easy to clean.

There are some cotton models out there. This will provide more quality and comfort your kid. They are better than polyester models, in my opinion.

You might also come across wood or metal models. This will provide a long-lasting and sturdy design for your kid. If you are sure that your kid is going to use the product for a few years, you might prefer these! They are also higher quality compared to other models.


Most of the products have a cost of around thirty dollars. You should not pay lesser than this, in my opinion. There are perfect products after the fifty dollar range! If you are interested in a higher quality product which is made of wood, you might even pay 100 bucks with ease.

The price directly affects the quality of the product, so think bout that before your purchase. The bed’s size also affects, which affects the ford tent’s size.


The size of the fort tent should be suitable for your kid’s needs! Most of the tents only have space for the bed, and this is perfectly normal. However, if your kid needs something bigger, you should be looking for tents with extra space. Your kid can quickly put their favorite furniture in a tent with fort tents like that!


The design of the product affects the children. They will make their decision based on the design of the product. You have to cooperate with your kid to make the best purchase possible. You can also ask your kid about their favorite cartoon characters. This will provide you with great ideas you can implement in the bargain!


Most of the products are safe. However, if you can check them in local stores, it’s perfect. You should review the quality of the poles because that’s where most of the errors are located. PVC pipes are great for durability and long term usage. Most of the products use plastic ones, which is terrible, in my opinion. The assembling process should be suitable for you, so you have a solid foundation!

Comfort and Ventilation

The product should provide your kid with adequate space and comfort. This is important because your kid will spend most of the nights in that tent. The ventilation is the second important factor. Most of the fort tents have mesh ventilation on both sides of tents. These are great for ventilating, but they will also the parents to check the kid!


There are tons of products in the market, which makes the process easier, in my opinion! Most of the products are close to each other in terms of quality and price. However, there are some gems in the market which have extra value! If you have questions, make sure you write them below so we can find solutions!

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